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Why $1M Home Sat on the Market for over a year with a Big Brokerage


Why $1M Home Sat on the Market for over a year with a Big Brokerage

 After 498 Days on the Market, Energy Realty Repositioned a Million-dollar Home and Sold It with Multiple Offers in 43 Days!


My neighbor came to us frustrated after his beautiful home sat on the market for over a year when he hired a big brokerage.


The seller contacted me after trying to sell his home for 498 days with a big-name brokerage. I evaluated the house and determined it needed to be professionally staged, with more attention to detail with the photography, and at this price point, two of my most important proven property marketing techniques, 3D Walkthrough using Matterport® technology and a Lifestyle video. 

The key distinction in my approach was I transformed the presentation but did not change the price. As a result, my client received multiple offers in just over a month!

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First, We Addressed the Challenges:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  1. The seller built a big house on a little lot with no backyard
  2. The house lacked ambiance and the patio was small
  3. The interior of the home is too big and hard to visualize the use of space


I focused on the interior of the home and called it a Suburban interior with a lot of space and low maintenance.






“At the million-dollar price point, I thought I had to go with a giant brokerage but you [Sherry] proved me wrong.“ – Sonny 


Professional Property Marketing


We also turned on our property marketing machine by promoting the house through social and digital marketing, video marketing, multiple private showings, and open houses, and leveraging our local and national agent network.

A Big Brokerage doesn’t always mean better!

“The photos and brochures were so much more professional. The lighting and everything, it was beautiful. Especially looking at them side by side. Sherry’s work was amazing!”


Professional Photos & Brochures


The Result


My client’s home had 7 Showings and 40 visitors through the open house which resulted in multiple offers and selling just above list price.

My Seller thought he had to hire an agent from a big brokerage to get this type of marketing but I showed him that he could hire someone like me from a boutique brokerage but with more expertise and firepower. 

We discussed his next project where I advised him to shrink the interior and make his patio outdoor space larger. From now on, I’ve earned his trust to sell all his homes!

I’ve learned my lesson, from now on every home I’m going to sell is with Sherry!

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