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Fall Maintenance Tips


Fall Maintenance Tips

Homeownership is part of the American dream, but once you purchase a home, it is important to maintain it so that it will retain its value. Just like we perform routine maintenance on our cars, we should perform routine maintenance on our homes.
Below are some Fall maintenance tips for your home:

Furnace:  As the weather cools, it is time to check your furnace and make sure that it is running properly and that there are no gas leaks. A licensed HVAC contractor can service for around $75-$150. You should also change all the HVAC filters at this time.

Gutters:  As the leaves start to fall, they can fill and clog your gutters, so do a quick gutter check and remove all debris. You can do this yourself if the height of your home can be accessed by a ladder, or ask your lawn maintenance crew to take care of this.

Smoke Detector Batteries:  Check your smoke detector batteries and change if necessary. Fire code also requires a fire extinguisher on each floor of your home, so it is a good time to make sure that this is working and up to date.

Fertilize Lawn:  Before your grass goes dormant, this is a good time to add a winter fertilizer so it comes back healthy in the spring. If you like your lawn to stay green in the winter, consider a winter rye grass. You can spread either one yourself with a hand spreader. Not only will you enjoy a green lawn all winter, winter rye grass also provides soil stability in the winter and dies back in the spring, allowing your warm weather turf to flourish.

Check Windows:  Check all your windows for drafts and seal where needed to keep your home warm this winter. We are fortunate that Houston does not get cold very often, but when it is cold you will feel it.

If you need the name of a contractor to assist you with any of the above, feel free to call an Energy Realty agent. We are your partners throughout the life of your homeownership.

By Sherry Campbell