As the real estate market in Houston has shifted to a Buyer’s Market, we have seen a resurgence in the need to stage a home before listing for sale. Buying a home is an emotional purchase, and it is a Realtor’s job is to create the right emotion in your home to appeal to the largest number of buyers. Staging has become a critical step when selling a home, and when done well, your home will not only sell faster, but it will also sell at a higher price.

While our homes may be decorated beautifully, sometimes the decorations or furniture can be a distraction to buyers. A staged home helps a potential buyer see themselves living in your home while appreciating the key features.

Importance of Staging a Home to Sell

Importance of Staging a Home to Sell

Before listing your home for sale in this market, the following tips will help make your home “showcase ready” for photographs and visitors—you want that first impression to be a lasting impression:

  • De-Clutter – When we live in our homes, we live in them. This means we may have accumulated a lot of extra stuff or knickknacks. Stuff can be distracting to buyers, so pack up anything that is smaller than a football, and keep counter tops clear , except for a few decorator items. We want to see how much counter space you have!
  • Clean – A sparkling clean home not only feels “new”, but it also gives the impression of a well maintained home. Don’t forget to clean Windows inside and out and light fixtures. If tile grout is dirty, or looks dirty, either clean with bleach or purchase a grout pen.
  • Curb Appeal – Buyers will form an impression of your home from the moment they drive up. Lawns should be mowed, beds mulched and cleared of debris and weeds, and walkways power washed if needed. Make sure the front door and outside light fixtures are clean. Fresh, colorful flowers in pots at the entry are a nice touch.
  • Minimize Decor – I’ve been in homes that have amazing artwork, but artwork can overwhelm a home and distract buyers from focusing on the home. I always tell my buyers to remember that we are selling the home and not the art or furnishings. When selling a home, the art should only be an accent to the home, not the main feature.
  • Rearrange Furniture – Once again, we are selling your home, not your furniture. If there is too much furniture, we may need to pare down the furnishings. Additionally, sometimes the furniture arrangement looks beautiful, but it blocks some of the home’s main selling features, like the fireplace or views of the backyard.

When selling a home, it is best to see your home with a fresh perspective and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What does a buyer see when they walk into your home? It is difficult for a seller to see their home from this perspective, because they have lived in it and staged their home to their personal preferences. A 3rd party home Stager or Realtor can help freshen the perspective on your home and Stage it to Sell! Energy Realty agents provide professional staging and photography to sell your home. Call us today at 281-679-6266 for a free consultation on staging your home to sell.

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