A home is one of the largest investments we make in a lifetime, so while it may seem like an easy decision, you want a professional on your side to help guide you into the right home and protect your interests.

The Energy Realty Difference 

With so much information on the internet, buyers don’t necessarily need an agent to find a home, but they will need professional guidance so that they don’t make a costly mistake in the buying process, like overpaying for a home. A good buyer’s agent can often save a buyer tens of thousands of dollars.

The listing agent represents the seller and is obligated to look after the seller’s best interest as well. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned buyer, you want a buyer’s agent to be on your side and look after your best interests. Below are some of the reasons you should hire a buyer’s agent.


Market Knowledge

A good buyer’s agent knows the neighborhoods and the market trends so they can give you the proper guidance on a home’s value. Before making an offer on a home, you want an agent to provide a comparative market analysis on similar homes that have sold recently and advise on pricing.


Real Estate Network

Experienced Realtors network with other Realtors, either within their own Brokerage, or with other groups, and they often know about other homes that are coming on the market soon, so they can get you into your home faster.


Guidance Through the Buying Process

There are so many details in the buying process, and most if it sounds like a foreign language, even to a seasoned buyer. A buyer’s agent will guide you through all the steps, starting with the offer, financing, inspections, and appraisals so that you have a smooth transaction and can close on your home with minimal stress. The best news is that this service is free to you! Take advantage of it.


Professional Negotiation

Since most homes are listed with a professional listing agent, you need a professional on your side to negotiate on your behalf. The negotiation doesn’t end at contract signing- once you have agreed on a purchase price, you may need to negotiate for repairs or concessions after the inspection, and again after appraisal. It is best to have someone on your side that is not emotionally attached to the property that can not only advise what is reasonable, but also have professional negotiation skills.


Contract Knowledge and Preparation

Entering into a contract is legally binding and not to be taken lightly. The Texas Real Estate Commission drafts the Contracts and a licensed Realtor fills in the blanks. A professional Realtor understand the nuances on the Contract and understands the rights of both the buyer and the seller. A buyer’s agent will make sure to complete the Contract correctly to protect the buyer, making sure they can be released from contract if they are not satisfied with minimal loss.


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