The Journey to Becoming a Woman Business Owner

marketing March 15, 2022

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The Journey to Becoming a Woman Business Owner
In celebration of Women’s History Month, I wanted to reflect on my journey to becoming the Broker Owner of Energy Realty.
Having traveled the world with my family in support of my husband’s career for over 10 years, in 2004, I found myself in Houston and decided that it was time to venture into the real estate profession again while my children were at school
Raising children and managing a household are no small feat, and having been both a Stay at Home Mom and a business owner, I can honestly say that raising children is not only my greatest accomplishment, it has also been my greatest challenge and may have prepared me for becoming a business owner.
What started as a part-time gig, quickly exploded into a full-time career as I realized that I had a gift for helping people, and that extended into real estate. As a woman though, having a career while raising children is not easy, and I applaud every woman out there who has overcome the obstacle of being the main caregiver at home while maintaining a career.
One of the traits that makes me a great Realtor® is that I am a master at juggling multiple tasks at the same time, and I acquired this skill as a mother. This is one of the reasons why 65% of Realtors® are women, and Real Estate has become a woman-dominated business.
My vision of Energy Realty was simple—someone needed to open an office on Eldridge Parkway, and one day I decided that would be me. At first, I was terrified at the prospect of committing to opening an office with the added expenses of rent and hiring a full-time employee to answer phones and assist me! My children were either married, in college, or finishing high school by this time, so I had the time to invest in opening a real estate brokerage, and I have never been afraid of hard work.
Little did I know that what started as a concept to build a small brokerage where I trained agents to be professionals rather than knock on doors would grow into a Boutique Brokerage where agents started knocking on my door to join the Energy Realty team.
Today, I have grown Energy Realty to a team of over 40 Realtors®, most of who are women, and I am preparing to open a second office in Katy.
I had a dream to do real estate better and be prominent in the Energy Corridor. Today, Energy Realty sells more homes in the Energy Corridor than most large brokerages, and you can see a sea of orange signs in the Energy Corridor. Watch out Katy because the wave of orange signs is coming your way.
By: Sherry Campbell

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