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Christina Campbell September 7, 2020

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Register To Vote!
As we head into the fall, headlines have slowed down the focus on COVID-19 and we are now  focused on the upcoming Presidential election. Typically during an election year we see the housing market slow over the uncertainty of who will take office and how will it affect the economy.
Buyer activity slowed the first few weeks in August as parents scrambled to prepare children for the start of school. This year is unlike any other year as most parents found themselves home schooling yet again with concerns over the pandemic still looming. Although most of the schools plan to open after Labor Day, there is still a lot of uncertainty over whether or not we will see the cases spike again as schools re-open.
There is so much to be uncertain about this year, but the one certainty we are all faced with is that our homes are the center of everything we do today. We work, play, and attend school in our homes, so the drive to find more space may have slowed down some, but I don’t think this election year will affect our housing market the way it typically does.
While I would love to only discuss the housing market, we are less than 60 days away from the election, and I want to urge all Americans to vote. Over the past several decades, voter turnout among US citizens has averaged around 45% for midterm elections and 57% for presidential elections.
As the leader of the Democratic world, the United States should be leading the charge in voter turnout, yet in 2016, we ranked #31 out of 34 countries in voter turnout.
There are so many reasons that people choose not to vote, ranging from lack of convenience or time to dissatisfaction with the options presented at the polls. I have even heard people comment that they feel their vote will not make a difference, so they choose to remain indifferent. I can assure you that every vote counts in this country and we all need to step forward and vote this year.
You have to register to vote at least 30 days before the election, so the clock is ticking. Every vote counts and it is your chance to have a voice in how this country is run. Watch this great video on why you should vote .
Registering to vote only takes two minutes and you can register online at this site:
Voting is also easy and early registration starts on October 13, so mark your calendars. The earlier you vote, the easier it will be. The same sight above will also tell you where you can vote. Please take 5 minutes out of your today to register to vote and another 5 minutes to vote on October 13.
If you are feeling uncertain about the future, it is time to take charge and participate in making a difference.
Written by Sherry Campbell

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