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Energy Realty Partners With Homelight To Help A Client Buy Their Dream Home


Energy Realty Partners With Homelight To Help A Client Buy Their Dream Home

At Energy Realty, we know that in order to sell a home at top dollar in any market, a home needs to be presented like a model home and be move-in ready. We also know that this can be difficult when a seller is living in the home–especially when kids or pets are involved.

This is a great story of a homeowner that was a close friend of Energy Realty’s broker Sherry Campbell that wanted to purchase a larger home, but she needed to sell her home before she could buy a home. When this homeowner came to Sherry, she immediately saw that one of the obstacles in selling the home was that her client had 7 different floors in the home, and buyers today want continuous modern flooring. She did what she could to stage an occupied home and sell while the client was living there, but after 45 days of no success, she knew that she had to move her client out of the home in order to sell her home at top dollar (her client needed the money from the sale in order to buy another one).

This was the perfect opportunity to try Homelight’s Trade-In Program! The exclusive Homelight program is only available to the top brokers and premier real estate agents and Energy Realty is proud to be affiliated with Homelight through the reputation of Sherry Campbell’s success as the founder of Energy Realty,

Because Energy Realty is a successful partner with Homelight, they have access to help homeowners access the money from the sale of their home and buy a new one before the sale actually occurs! Sherry coordinated the trade-in with Homelight so they could purchase her client’s home and give her the proceeds to buy a new one.

As soon as the Seller moved out of the house, the work began! Energy Realty worked with the Seller to install new floors, install some updated lighting, minor painting, and then we staged the home with modern furniture and were ready to list in 2 weeks!

The plan was a success as we received a full-price offer in 4 days! 

We once again proved that buyers want move-in-ready homes and are willing to pay for it. If a home is not moving, it is Presentation or Price. Sherry would not have been able to help her client move into her dream home without the resources offered to Energy Realty through Homelight.