Black Lives Matter x All Lives Matter

June 8, 2020

Real Estate

Tomorrow George Floyd’s body will be laid to rest in Houston, but the United States cannot rest until we unite together as a nation and demand change-we must stand together and stop senseless killings and racism once and for all.
The founding principles of America are Equality- The First Principle is that all Persons are created equal.
We can unite peacefully, but we must unite and insist on change. Every person in the United States should be able to feel that they will be treated equally by law enforcement, businesses, employment, schools, healthcare, housing, and the list goes on.
These are troubling times with the spread of COVID-19 already killing so many Americans. No person should be afraid to walk on the street and face a senseless death. The death of George Floyd represents a history of racism and deep rooted history that must be put to rest with his body.
As a business owner, I feel that it is my duty to stand up for what I believe in in these troubling times.  There are many fights that we will have to endure as Americans, including COVID-19, so why do we need to continue to fight each other? We are all American and we should defend the rights of every person.
Our hearts go out to George Floyd and his family and every black American that has faced fear and persecution for any reason. Our office is dedicated to providing the same level of service to every American, with no discrimination – this is the way it should be. Energy Realty is a team of International Realtors and we are here to support our community during these difficult times. We stand behind equality and Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter.
Writer: Sherry Campbell

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