Join The Team!

While the large Real Estate brokerages are heavy recruiters, Energy Realty focuses on training agents to be top professionals in the industry and not just recruiting agents to grow their numbers. While other brokerages train new agents how to cold call like used car salesman, Energy Realty focuses on training agents how to grow their business through their sphere and keep clients satisfied for the long term.

At Energy Realty, broker/owner Sherry Campbell is a supporting broker that leads the charge in raising the standard of real estate professionals. Sherry is on the ground 30% of the time working with clients and bringing leads into the office that she can distribute to Energy Realty agents, while staying on top of the fast-paced changes in the industry. While some brokerages believe that leading is sitting behind a desk, Sherry believes that in order to guide her agents on how to be better and grow their business, real estate leaders and innovators need to be in the thick of things. She provides one on one coaching and support from the view of an experienced, working Realtor and responds to agent questions directly 7 days a week.

Eergy Realty nurtures their agents and provides the tools for their agents to be the “cream of the crop” in the industry. Many of the tools include marketing support, online training programs as well as in person, a fully integrated paperless transaction management, and all the tricks of the trade that has helped Sherry Campbell grow her business. When you join Energy Realty, you join a family of professional agents.

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