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Energy Management was formed as an added service to assist our clients that either acquire rental property for investment purposes, or need to lease their home for other reasons. If you live outside of Houston, or if you just don’t want the hassle of managing your home, we can help you.

Our fees start at 7% of the monthly rent, depending on the size of the home and rental income. We work with you to make sure it makes sense for you! The following is included with our management services, and are further detailed on the Property Management Agreement:

  • Rent Collection
  • Delinquent Rent Proceedings
  • Move In Orientation
  • Security Deposits held in Escrow
  • Monthly Income/Expense Statements
  • Rental Income direct deposited to Landlord’s account monthly.
  • Oversee Routine Maintenance of Home, including lawn & pool maintenance if needed, routine HVAC service, and gutter cleaning. This fee will be billed to Landlord accordingly.
  • Tenant Repair Requests (major repairs above a certain amount will require written approval from the Landlord).
  • Bi -Annual Property Inspections to insure property is being maintained.
  • Final Walk Through and Security Deposit Distribution
  • Re-leasing & Marketing of Property when necessary. Leasing fee will apply.
  • Make ready for new Tenant.
  • Re-keying Property with new Tenant.
  • Compliance with Property Code

We promise to oversee your property like we would one of ours, not only safe guarding your home, but also in watching the repair expenses. In turn, the Landlord promises to do the following:

  • Agree to maintain property in compliance with property code.
  • Maintain adequate insurance on Property and name Energy Management as additionally insured up to $500,000.
  • Timely respond to repair Requests above limit.
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