Real Views by: Sherry Campbell

Sherry Campbell June 7, 2016

Real Estate

Real Views by: Sherry Campbell

The Internet has become a powerful tool, providing information about any source we desire to find. This has become true about real estate as well, with the emergence of Zillow and Trulia. 

At first, I was skeptical about these sites and the accuracy of the information they provide, but over the last two years, I had to jump on the Zillow train. I am not promoting Zillow as the most accurate site, but I do promote it as a powerful tool for the public to search for homes and find information.

Houston has been fortunate for years because the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) made this information available to the public over 14 years ago so that the public could search for homes for sale on their own. HAR was ahead of their time, and Houston was one of the only cities in the country that had this source.

Today, HAR is still the best and most accurate source for searching for real estate in Houston, and it is the most frequented site. Bravo HAR!

Where do Realtors come in with all this information available on the Internet?  There are a lot more steps to buying and selling a home besides just what you see on the Internet. A professional Realtor not only guide you through the buying and selling process, they also help you realize the greatest return on one of your largest investments, whether on the buying or selling end.

At Energy Realty, we remain your home advisor long after the sale. Join us for our upcoming seminar on Hurricane Preparedness so you can protect your home and yourself in the event of a hurricane. The seminar is at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 22 at the Lakes of Parkway Clubhouse.

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