30 Things To Know About Houston Before You Move

Sherry Campbell September 24, 2015

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30 Things To Know About Houston Before You Move


1. Please, Call Me H-Town

Houston? There’s no need to be so formal about it. Just call it H-Town like the cool kids.


2. Houston Is Growing Fast

And it’s not just the buildings that are getting bigger. The job market in Houston is soaring which has caused quite a population boom in the past decade.


3. Houston Isn’t Texas (Except When It Is)

Check your Texan stereotypes at the border. Houston is definitely part of Texas, but it’s progressive and becoming trendier every year.


4. The Median Houstonian Is Getting Younger

As the population grows in Houston, so does the younger crowd. As a result of growing opportunity, affordability, awesome food, lots of art and a great nightlife scene, the median age in Houston is 33 years old.


5. In Houston, It’s Wise to Live Near Where You Work

Houston isn’t exactly a walkable city and the traffic is one of the biggest downfalls here. Allstate reports the average commute cost in Houston can add up to $6,000 annually. So do yourself a favor and live as close to where you’re working as possible to cut down on the commute time and enjoy the city.


6. Houston Is A City You Can Afford

Houston traffic might be a nightmare but the cost of living far outweighs it. Compared to other major cities around the country, Houston’s affordability is almost too good to be true.


7. Houston Is Full of Energy … Literally

In most cities, residents are lucky if they have two energy companies to choose from. Usually, you have one and that’s what you’re stuck with. Houston residents have a ton of options when picking an energy company thanks to their laws on energy regulation, keeping rates competitive and rewards and services optimal for customers.


8. Art Is Everywhere

Fine art, contemporary collections, and tons of galleries – Houston has it all. That’s why the city won four of twenty-four “best show” awards from the International Association of Art Critics in 2012.


9. And There Are Museums Galore

Families love Houston thanks to having so many awesome museums at their disposal in the Museum District. There are 20 museums to choose from all within a 12 block radius including The Children’s Museum and Museum of Natural Science.


10. Houstonians Know How To Keep In The Loop

Houston is separated by highways. The Inner Loop is a freeway called 610. When you’re inside the Loop, you’re downtown in the trendy areas.

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