Real Views: By Sherry Campbell

September 22, 2017

Real Estate

As I write this, I am in week three of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and the devastation and loss has been heartbreaking to witness, not to mention the loss of my own homes and office.

While I am dealing with my own losses, I feel fortunate that I have the resources and knowledge on how to get through a flood quickly and cost effectively, but I also realize that not everyone has that same advantage. The purpose of this newsletter is to help spread information  and get the word out that Energy Realty is here to help.

We are currently in the process of setting up a temporary office while our office is rebuilt, and I am arming my team of 30 Realtors with the information in this newsletter so that we can help the homeowners in our community that have been affected.

First and foremost, please make sure to call a Certified moisture remediation company to properly test your home for moisture and mold and to provide a final remediation and letter stating that your home has been properly remediated. If you do not do this, it will seriously impact your ability to sell or lease your home in the future. You can hire someone else to tear out your drywall and flooring to save money, or do it yourself, but you will need this certified remediation before you re-build. I have a contact with Servpro that will perform this remediation for $2100-$2500.

Once you are ready to re-build, please think about how to properly re-build to improve the value of your home. We have a unique (though unwelcome) opportunity to improve the values in our neighborhoods by updating and modernizing outdated homes. Energy Realty agents are available to advise on this, so please call us. We are your neighborhood Realtors.  Most of our flooded neighbors are fearful of the negative impact this flood will have on their home’s value, and I think that this article below that I found online, best explains how we can turn this into a positive outcome for everyone.

We need to work together to rebuild our neighborhoods to be even better than before. I have added an article that talks about the city’s plans to add a third dam and to improve the integrity of the current dams so that our homes are never flooded again. I am committed to lobbying this and will keep you posted on the progress.

The Energy Corridor has been my home for over 13 years, and I plan to make it better again and spend many more years living here. Join us in re-bulding and making our community stronger.

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