More on Controlling the Costs of Home Ownership

Sherry Campbell March 29, 2016

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More on Controlling the Costs of Home Ownership

Rising Costs of Insurance

  • This is an expense that home owners should monitor every year.
  • Claims in a zip code can affect your rates.
  • If your rates go up, call an insurance carrier for quotes.
  • Make sure you are adequately insured!
  • Carrie Ousley with HUB International specializes in homes over $700,000.

Property Taxes Annually


Homestead Exemption

  • One page form that you can file yourself
  • 20% reduction in Property Taxes.
  • Must have owner and lived in home as of January 1 for that tax year.
  • Deadline is April 30, 2014
  • New law requires copy of driver’s license with Homestead address.

Paul Bettencourt

  • Let the professionals protest for you.
  • Deadlines for filing must be met.
  • Your appointed company must show up for hearings.
  • You only pay if they are successful in reducing your taxes.

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