Real Views by: Sherry Campbell

Sherry Campbell April 11, 2015

Real Estate

Real Views by: Sherry Campbell

My favorite quote last month is, “When oil prices are down Houston is thriving; when oil prices are up, Houston is booming!”  I love that because it is so true. Many people are speculating that the real estate prices will drop with the oil prices, but the key word is “speculating”. No one really knows what will happen, nor how quickly oil prices will go back up.

Hang on to your seats though! It could be a bumpy ride. We are definitely not experiencing the crazy seller’s market of last year when people “speculated” that prices would continue to go up, but we are still seeing multiple offers on houses priced under $500k. The higher end market has slowed quite a bit, depending on the area, and pricing correctly will make the key difference.

On to the fun stuff! Energy Realty participated in the 3rd annual Energy Fest on April 5, and we continue to hold seminars on home ownership for the community. There are a lot of fun things happening this month, right in your back yard! Check out the Brew Fest at Watsons on April 18 from 2-7 p.m.

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